The Danish jewellery label Adelaide Jewellery was founded in 2010 by jewellery designer Adelaide Minch. The vision behind Adelaide Jewellery is to design and create fine jewellery relying on only the best materials, unmatched craftsmanship and original designs.

After having worked with a number of distinguished goldsmiths in Copenhagen, Adelaide Minch wanted to create jewellery of her own taste and began making personal pieces. With Adelaide Jewellery, Adelaide Minch has formed her own universe of luxurious modern jewellery designing and by inspiration of natural forms, religious symbols and magical motifs she has created a line of inventive jewellery pieces, all with an antique appearance. Passionate about her designs Adelaide Minch constantly explores new techniques in order to create new looks and to make her challenging designs become real.

Currently working from a studio on Portobello Road in Notting Hill London, Adelaide has designed a new line of timeless fine jewellery based on her vision of how modern women should enable themselves to comfortably wear jewellery feeling cool, sexy and classic. In the process of designing a piece of jewellery, Adelaide Minch always picture a specific type of woman wearing the jewellery – imagining how the woman might depict herself and how she would like to be portrayed, this provides each design with a unique touch of individuality.

The collection offers a unique design with a feminine touch to every piece. While each piece of jewellery in the collection can stand alone, the pieces can also be mixed together. Known for her nonconforming and inventive approach for designing jewellery, Adelaide Minch believes that a woman's jewellery should be of significance to its owner.

The London based label has already received a lot of attention as Adelaide Minch continues to push her creative boundaries towards designing exclusive and timeless jewellery.